Getting Your Music Recorded

There are many choices for getting your music recorded for the first time.
  1. Go to a Recording Studio and pay them to do it. Yes it is expensive, but if you have the funds available, it is the best route. Most of those who own their own studios have gone through extensive training and already have put money into their business. Do your homework. Ask to hear some of their work.  Know what you want to record and be ready – most places have an hourly rate and it adds up fast.
  2. Buy your own Computer Program and set up your own studio at home. This is the route that I went.  I have a laptop, a 6 port mixing board, a Snowball USB mic, and a computer program that I can record track by track.  I don’t have the most expensive program, and that’s ok for me.
  3. Use your phone or iPad to record yourself. I do use GarageBand on my iPad to make many music tracks. I am a piano player and a songwriter. I usually start my songs writing the lyrics and then add chords.  I can then use GarageBand to record those notes with either piano, guitar, bass, drums, or whatever.  You really can have a whole band at your fingertips!
  4. Use a friend’s stuff to record or record at Church. Our church has an awesome mixing board. I can hook my computer up or an audio device and record  a live performance. All of the levels will have to be set ahead of time as this will only give me one track with instruments and vocals.
  5. Record your music and vocals and send it out to be mixed/mastered. I have done this with most of my songs.  Especially if a song does well. I had to choose my battle, so to speak, and decide where I wanted to focus my time as an Artist.  I really have no desire to learn all the ins and outs of Pro-Tools or Cakewalk.  I have met a few very talented Music Producers that will take my music track by track and add my vocals.  And yes – I do have them use AutoTune. Most musicians do these days.
  6. Hire a band to do a Demo. There are many places in Nashville and surrounding areas that are more than willing to sing and record your song for your for a fee.  Again, do your homework. Talk to other musicians and find out who they use.  You can choose to have one instrument and a soloist all the way to a full band production. The choice is yours.



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