What is Your Voice?

microphoneWhat is your voice? What is your message? I wish I would have read more and talked to more people before I started putting songs online.  I wasn’t clear on either. My first year I had some pretty bad recordings. I was a newbie. And I just threw it out there.  That was hard. Getting feedback from the world at large is sometimes harsh.  But it was true. I wasn’t ready.  So, then I started with instrumentals.  I had a year of just creating Jazz and World instrumentals. That was a good beginning.  Some of those songs are still in the TOP 10 charts at Broadjam. Broadjam offers a free account and I would recommend them. The networking I have found here among musicians is the best.

In my second year of recording I ventured out once again. Only this time I listened. I recorded some of the Singer/Songwriter Folk songs I had written. And these are still doing well. I found my voice when I didn’t use it, lol!  My songs HeartStrings, Raindrops Are Tears, and Shoelaces of Grace all grew in popularity at various sites. And this time I hired someone to do the mixing/mastering and even had a guest vocalist or two. I had to capitilize on my strengths – my lyrics and music compisition – and let others help me with their gifts – the vocals and the production part.

This next year I think I am going back to my roots.  I am going to be recording some Christian Praise and Worship songs for a new Album coming out this year.  Being a Worship Leader, I think it’s time. I have my people, God gave me the songs, and I am going to just do it! What about you? What are your goals?

Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Voice
  1. What kind of music do you listen to now?
  2. Who are your favorite Artists?
  3. Pick your favorite Genre.
  4. What life lessons have you learned in your journey?
  5. What is the best advice you ever got?
  6. Do you like upbeat and happy songs, or silly songs, or dog and beer songs, or what?
  7. Think of emotions – do you want to write about love, breakups, feelings, thoughts, animals, or what?
  8. Why do you want to write and record?
  9. What are your goals? Do you want to make a CD, get on film, TV, radio, iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, or  just put some songs up?
  10. Who do you know that can help you accomplish your goals?


For Diana’s Albums head over to the Store Page!


Your Thoughts Are Treasures

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